Have You Thanked Your Community Hospital Today?

Blog written by Findorff’s Jeff Eckstein, Business Development Healthcare

In celebration of National Hospital Week and its “Health Care from the Heart” message, I’m reminded of how important a hospital’s staff members are to Findorff. Whether we are building a new state-of-the-art healthcare facility or performing renovations, maintaining a healthy relationship with hospital employees is key as they support all of our healthcare projects.

Recently, Findorff completed over a 152,000-square-foot renovation for a large, community-based acute care hospital. Over 430 patient rooms, spread throughout 10 departments on four floors, underwent a multiphased renovation. One area in particular that stood out during this renovation included the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum (LDRP) units. These departments were top priorities for Findorff, as they care for the most vulnerable children, as well as calmly support labor and delivery activities on a daily basis. During this delicate renovation, Findorff worked with hospital staff to:

  • Ensure proper barrier placement within the LDRP so expecting mothers could safely travel from birthing rooms to C-section operating rooms in an emergency situation
  • Maintain emergency egress, safeguard the infant security system, and uphold proper clearances for the Hospital Safety Department
  • Manage and communicate system shut downs, as well as eliminate disruptions to existing operations

While caring for these sensitive departments, the hospital staff spent a lot of time with Findorff planning, verifying critical details, as well as ensuring all facilities were always safe and functional. Such efforts simultaneously took place to also manage routine care of patients with the hospital’s increased safety demands. Without a dedicated hospital staff, we wouldn’t have been able to seamlessly transition from one phase to the next.

We join you in celebrating everyone that contributes to the health of our communities and invests in caring from their hearts everyday of every year – Thank you for your dedication!

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