Raising the Bar on Off-Campus Student Housing

Blog written by The James Senior Community Manager Dennis Ruffing

Student housing has certainly come a long way in the past few decades. How things have changed! Much of student housing has been moving closer to campuses to be within walking distance of classes. This means within just a few minutes from rolling out of bed, students can be seated in their lecture halls. Additionally, internet access is no longer considered a luxury, but is expected (not to mention plenty of bandwidth to stream live music and videos). Another trend students are seeing is that newer housing projects are getting denser and taller. Did I mention they also have incredible luxury-style amenities? Today, student residents are seeing pools on rooftops, state-of-the-art fitness centers, as well as beautiful interiors with quartz counter tops and trendy designs.

Companies like Core Spaces, a national student-housing developer, have taken purpose-built student housing to a completely different level. Specifically, Core Spaces recently completed two incredible facilities near the UW-Madison campus.

Hub Madison, completed in 2015, offers the best-in-class student housing, designed for every aspect of college life. Located on State Street, the building was the 2016 winner of both the Student Housing Business Innovator Award for Best Package & Offering of Amenities and the National Association of Home Builders’ Platinum Level Award for Best in American Living.

The second project, completed in 2017, is The James. Similar in many ways to Hub Madison, The James has similar design elements and trendy themes. Not only does The James' interior include nostalgic furniture, fixtures, and various accessories, but also it is wrapped in a modern exterior that stands out from any other surrounding buildings.

Both of these landmark properties were constructed by Findorff. It is my pleasure to come to work every day to market two of the most beautiful buildings in the City of Madison.

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