2015 Edgewood College Residence Hall Groundbreaking|Edgewood College groundbreaking event

School's out, Construction's in, at Edgewood College

Blog written by Findorff's Amalia Flatley, Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist

Findorff’s construction crews have “moved in” to work on Edgewood College’s New Residence Hall. Recently, the College held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate this milestone. Coincidentally, this special event represented a personal benchmark for Findorff’s Superintendent, Greg Sweeney.

Greg, who has been with Findorff for over 24 years, decided to postpone his retirement in order to complete his fifth project on the College’s campus. Edgewood College honored Greg’s commitment and perseverance by allowing him to make the first ceremonial dig at the groundbreaking ceremony. “We are honored to have his talent and commitment as he finishes his career building our new hall,” said Edgewood College President, Dr. Scott Flanagan.

Adding to the groundbreaking excitement and uniqueness, in lieu of traditional groundbreaking shovels, an excavator was used when it came time to break ground. A shout out goes to project intern and Edgewood College student, Trevon Ampe, for not only painting, but also coming up with the idea of adding the College’s seal to the digger bucket.

Findorff is pleased to once again make a lasting impact at Edgewood College and partner with Potter Lawson to provide additional living space for more than 100 students, come fall 2016. The College’s New Residence Hall will not only have an impact on students, but will shape the lives of future leaders and enhance the College’s role in building a just and compassionate world for generations. Additionally, the New Residence Hall will support the school’s Cutting Edge Program, which was developed as an individualized approach to education and inclusion for students with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Congratulations to our friends at Edgewood College!Greg is a Madison native with strong ties to the Edgewood Campus. He began his education in 1953, as a member of the very first kindergarten class. Greg and all of his 34 cousins, graduated from Edgewood High School.

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