Thought Leadership: It’s About Making a Difference

Blog written by Findorff’s Christin Mlsna, Director of Education Market & Communication Services

When I think of thought leadership, I think of the words of Albert Einstein. He once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” I believe this to be true, as thought leadership is not about being the best. Instead, it is about tapping into the experience, knowledge, and talents of others to offer something meaningful. In other words, thought leadership is about making a difference.

As the year comes to a close, I am reminded of this. Throughout 2017, I have been surrounded by many who epitomize Findorff’s role as a thought leader. I have experienced this firsthand as part of the Company’s education team where together we partner with schools to identify facility goals and construct quality school buildings. In turn, we have proudly become education construction experts and have worked in dozens of districts and hundreds of school buildings over the years. Our efforts range from facility assessments to new construction, and we are well versed in what it takes to make a difference in building quality learning environments.

Although such qualifications are valuable, they alone do not make us a thought leader in education. This past year, we also shared our expertise at various conferences. Specifically, Findorff’s Project Management team members including Laura Blood Velotta, Matt Breunig, Marc Grasswick, Matt Claggett, and I presented at WASB, WASDA, WASBO, and WSPRA conferences. On January 17, we will present at the State Education Convention in Milwaukee with the Juda, McFarland, and New Glarus School Districts. Here, we will facilitate a panel to discuss successful facility and referendum strategies for districts of all sizes.

We also try to make a difference directly with students by leveraging our role as a contractor. For example, Findorff is currently working on two new elementary schools in the Sun Prairie Area School District and we hired two high school students as Youth Apprentices. Additionally, our Project Managers and Superintendents routinely make classroom presentations about:

  • Getting students excited about the projects going on in their schools
  • Providing students tips and insight into staying safe throughout construction
  • Helping students understand career opportunities in construction

Findorff genuinely appreciates the work district administrators, educators, and staff members do. It is because of their leadership that Findorff can help make a difference in the communities where students grow and learn.

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