Promotions at Findorff

19 Findorff Promotions

Whether in the field or in the office, Findorff employees have been hard at work setting the bar for the construction industry. We've had an impressive quarter of promotions. Please give a big round of applause to the following individuals who have been recognized for their above-and-beyond work!


Eduardo Marquez, Oscar Vargas Bruno, Jake Sides, and Reed Krugman (Yard Operations) have been promoted to Supervisor. Jeff Kremel has been promoted to Senior Superintendent.


In office leadership positions, Matt Breunig and Luke Hutchins have joined Findorff's Board of Directors. Deana Turner and Luke Hutchins have been promoted to Vice President. Christin Mlsna is now Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Chad Eschler is Vice President of Business Development, and Bob Hougard is Vice President of Science & Technology. Michelle Kraemer is Director of People Strategy, Brad Olson is Director of Project Management, and Laura Velotta is Director of MEP and Specialty Services. Mike Stern is now Project Executive, Erika Freeman is Education Market Manager, Katie Gorder is Project Support Manager, Luke Schulte is Creative Services Lead, and Rob McMurrich is Lead Scheduler.


Congratulations, everyone!

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