Accuracy in the Numbers

Blog written by Findorff's Joel Powers, Senior Virtual Construction Specialist

A new generation in the world of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Advanced technology has allowed for process improvements and efficiencies in the production of construction documents, where a drafter is able to “make the numbers work” from a dimensioning stand point. Within CAD, designers can set a dimension to the nearest inch, when in reality the dimension in a 3D model could be 4’-11 ¾” rather than the 5’-0”.What may seem like a minimal discrepancy can actually lead to significant problems in the field if interior walls are laid out per the construction documents at measurements of 5’-0” versus the model at measurements of 4’-11 ¾”. For example, compound this discrepancy over a 100-foot span. The results could be catastrophic, meaning a project’s plumbing pipes that were supposed to be within a wall cavity could very well be jutting out beyond the wall. This issue would result in unnecessary rework to fix interior walls, which in turn could impact the construction schedule and add unforeseen costs.

To avoid such mishaps, Findorff’s Virtual Construction team is a valuable asset early on in a project to confirm various dimensions from a 3D model to those in construction documents. This ultimately helps prevent issues from arising in the field. Additionally, working collaboratively with architects and engineers, as well as requesting their BIM files at the start of a project, makes it possible to coordinate items faster and more accurately, saving time and money. In other words, it is incredibly valuable to have accuracy in the numbers.

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