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Findorff Business Development and Marketing Promotions

Findorff's Business Development and Marketing department is led by a group of incredibly dedicated individuals passionate about creating lasting and impactful relationships with partners and clients across not only the state, but the country. Over the past year the team has evolved and grown, creating opportunities for new and familiar faces alike. We are thrilled to officially congratulate these leaders and welcome our newest addition!


Chad Eschler, Vice President of Business Development

With 16 years of experience at Findorff, ranging from Yard Superintendent to Special Projects Manager to Business Development, Chad's new position as Vice President of Business Development is recognition of his commitment to always building strong partnerships and finding ways to provide value to our clients and communities. Chad's focus moving forward is on continuing the tradition of not just finding projects for the team but finding the right projects for the team while expanding Findorff's client base.

In his new role as Vice President of Business Development, Chad will:

  • Provide strategic direction and vision for business development
  • Manage both the local and regional business development teams and develop talent
  • Manage business development opportunities and relationships

Christin Mlsna, Vice President of Marketing & Communications  

With 26 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business development, Christin's move into her new role as Vice President of Marketing & Communications recognizes her talent and passion for blending these areas of focus to create engaging communications and the best possible client experience. In this new role, Christin will continue to provide executive leadership for Findorff's education division while expanding her responsibilities to include Findorff's marketing and communications.

In this role she will:

  • Serve as senior leader for all marketing and communications
  • Provide strategic direction and vision for marketing, communications, client experiences, and client services
  • Track and monitor successful marketing and communications outcomes


Susan Matthews, Director of Marketing

With extensive experience working in a wide variety of businesses from start-ups to billion-dollar brands, Susan joins us in the new role of Director of Marketing. Susan brings a fresh perspective on how marketing can best support both Findorff and our partners. Her creative ideas will enhance our efforts in marketing planning, strategic marketing, and storytelling,

Within this role she is responsible for:

  • Creating marketing goals and strategies
  • Developing and managing all marketing campaigns
  • Directing marketing and communications plans
  • Providing day-to-day oversight of the marketing team

Jeff Tubbs will continue to serve Findorff as Executive Vice President. Jeff serves as a senior leader for the Business Development department in addition to supporting Findorff's strategic planning where he provides new approaches for upcoming divisions and expansion opportunities.

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