Findorff Celebrates Heart Health Month

Blog written by Findorff’s Tim Prince, Senior Advisor

February is Heart Health Month. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), cardiovascular disease accounts for nearly 801,000 deaths in the United States per year. This equates to about one third of our Nation’s deaths; so a focus against heart disease will likely touch every person and every company. It certainly touches Findorff.

For 25 years, Findorff has been part of this fight. We continually support AHA, participate in its annual Heart Walk, support the Go Red for Women movement, wear our red proudly on National Wear Red Day. Some of these events just raise awareness, though many also raise funds for AHA’s efforts, ranging from advocacy to research.In 2013, I joined other veteran AHA supporters from Findorff by agreeing to serve on the Board of Directors for the organization’s South-Central Wisconsin Chapter. In this position, I have witnessed firsthand how communities pool their resources to benefit their loved ones and others effected by the disease. The health of a person’s heart does not affect only one individual, but rather can have a ripple effect.

Families, friends, coworkers, and more all share a concern when someone they care for has an unhealthy heart. Nevertheless, when we join forces for a worthy cause like Heart Health Month, the results can be profound. For example:

  • Funds increase annually for the South-Central Wisconsin Chapter
  • AHA has funded 13 Nobel Prize winners and several important medical breakthroughs such as the first artificial heart valve
  • As of 2017, heart-disease deaths have declined
  • Each of these instances epitomize the impact communities have in helping save lives, both on local and national levels.

In the office, we also encourage our employees to have healthy hearts. Fitness programs are offered through the company gym. In-house health screenings take place annually. Free fruit is also available as alternative snacks to unhealthier options.

Through such efforts, we strive to not only have strong healthy hearts, but also big hearts. In other words, I like to think the hearts of our employees make Findorff what it is today…a company committed to supporting the well being of its local communities and people.

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