Promotions at Findorff

Findorff Field Promotions

Findorff's esteemed field employees, who make our clients' visions a reality, have recently seen many well-deserved promotions! Please join us in congratulating each of these hard-working individuals.


Dave Ritter, Jamie Zudonyi, Andrew Wiedenfeld, Jeremy White, Tim Masters, Tony Smith, Corey Loeffelholz, Josh Ellickson, Shannon O'Rourke, TJ Marks, and Adam Cisewski have been promoted to Supervisor positions. Chad Baker has been promoted to Special Projects Group Supervisor.


Promotions to Superintendent include Chris Zorzin, Brian Rindy, Kevin Dempsey, Dave Pahl, Jeff Alexander, and Terry Lucey.


Chad Vivian, Todd Brakob, Tom Hepler, and Jeff Kremel have all been promoted to Senior Superintendent.

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