Findorff Slogan

Findorff's New Slogan

- Jim Yehle - President & CEO

I am excited to announce Findorff's new slogan, "Building & Beyond," and to share a few thoughts about why changing our 131-year-old branding is important to the Company, our employees, and our future.Our former slogan, "Builders Since 1890" told a story about our legacy. We remain one of the oldest contractors in the Midwest, with a rich history of constructing facilities where our communities work, live, and play. Nothing about that will change. What has changed is our drive to help further transform the industry by pushing ourselves to build better by going beyond.

We believe that "Building & Beyond" most importantly pays tribute to the construction industry and the trades. Our core purpose is to be a valued and dependable resource for our clients, our employees, and our community. Findorff is the largest and most diverse it has ever been, with highly trained craftspeople and talented individuals that support a growing client portfolio. In 2021, building is still at the core of our business, but we believe it is time to evolve our brand to better communicate the breadth of our expertise, our innovative services, and the additional value we bring to relationships and projects.

When it comes to the extra value we provide to our clients – whether that is managing a school referendum or bringing sector experience to a project or just offering sound advice that leads to a better client experience; Findorff really is different than the industry norm. We offer unique construction services and champion community partnerships. Building better by going beyond.

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