Group of workers smiling near building

Genuine Relationships and Roots in Our Work: Committed to Craftsmanship

From meticulous planning efforts to innovative prefabrication methods, we are in constant pursuit to construct quality buildings. We are also proud of the genuine relationships and roots we have established with each project. Our recent work at Marquette University emphasizes this and our commitment to craftsmanship as we continue to focus on our core values.

Findorff strives to be the industry’s best. Our superior, innovative, and safe construction practices drive what we do every day. Because of our technical expertise and meaningful community ties, Findorff’s talented staff is genuinely invested in the construction projects we build throughout the Midwest. The new Commons at Marquette University is no exception.

Situated along the northwest side of campus, The Commons is a co-ed residence hall and spans over 292,000 square feet with 890 beds. Strategically built through careful planning and advanced construction practices, we are pleased to say Marquette alumni were part of the Findorff team. “I’m proud to be working with fellow alumni who began their professional pursuits at this school years ago,” says Findorff Project Manager and Marquette Civil Engineering graduate Mike Stern. “It’s exciting to know that our work here will affect many students and provide a creative, comforting home away from home.”

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