Going the Extra Muir Mile

Blog written by Findorff’s Nancy Mayek, Marketing Manager

Findorff has had the good fortune to partner with Madison’s John Muir Elementary School for the last few years. It’s rewarding to help in the classroom and cheer students on as they participate in athletic challenges like the Muir Mile Fun Run.

This year, among other things, Findorff donated school spirit t-shirts to students and staff members. Their appreciation and excitement was evident in the dozens of colorful thank you cards we recently received. Each of them took the time to design their own card and write a personal note.

Gloria, a fourth grader, mentioned what it means to go to such a great school. “It means you are cared about” she said. “There are fun activities, inside and outside. On fieldtrips, we learn and have fun. We feel safe and trusted.” But it was Liam, a second grader, who summed up what is most important to the student body, “Having at least three recesses is the best.

”Hanging out with such great students, teachers and staff, means a lot to those of us at Findorff. We look forward to future opportunities to share our continued support of their incredible school community.

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