Health Care Facilities and Engineering Teams Demonstrate Heroism Every Day

Blog written by Findorff’s Jeff Eckstein, Business Development Healthcare

Health Care Facilities and Engineering teams demonstrate heroism every day, while playing a vital role in keeping facilities safe and operating smoothly. This is mostly work behind the scenes – which is just the way they like it.

Keeping the power on, spaces heated, cooled and properly ventilated, maintaining domestic water supply, piped medical gas and vacuum systems, life safety and countless redundant systems and procedures for if/when things fail, while not easy work, you make it look easy every day. This allows your facility to focus on its true purpose, providing outstanding healing to your patients and their families, as well as caring for your staff.

Although most of this happens behind the scenes, facility operations are critical and there are other opportunities for you to have a significantly positive impact on your healthcare system. For instance, perhaps in a more visible way, you can make impacts the following ways:

  • Leverage Life Safety Code 2012 Edition categorical waivers which can ultimately increase patient and family satisfaction.
  • Maintain a proactive role with the concept of value based code compliance during facility planning stages.
  • Get involved in the Wisconsin Hospital Code – DHS 124 discussion and help influence the codes focused on patient safety, good science, and financial efficiencies.

Whether on the main stage or behind the scenes, health care facility managers and engineers are an essential partner in health care. Every day you too provide clean, safe and healing environments. Findorff is privileged to work side-by-side with you in these critical settings. We hope you have a wonderful National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week!

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