Helping Prevent Falls: National Safety Stand-Down

Blog written by Findorff’s Safety Director Nick Femal, CHST

Safety is at the core of Findorff’s work. We are committed to creating environments, both on and off the construction site, where safety is a top priority. As such, we proudly participate in National Safety Stand-Down this week. This voluntary event is led by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It encourages construction companies to raise fall-protection awareness.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatalities caused by falls from elevation accounted for 370 of the 991 construction fatalities in 2016. It should also be noted that falls do not only happen to people. In 2012, 241 workers lost their lives from falling objects. The deaths in both situations are preventable, and events like National Safety Stand-Down Week help people refocus on fall protection and fall hazards.

For the fourth consecutive year, Findorff is participating in National Safety Stand-Down Week. We are performing training demonstrations on new equipment to make our staff safer and more productive.

  • Tool tethers and lanyards offer fall protection for tools. Findorff partnered with Verona Safety and Ergodyne to develop a comprehensive list of tool tethers and lanyards that work with our hand and power tools. This new equipment will allow employees to work at elevated heights without fear of dropping tools.
  • Fall-rescue equipment makes it possible to reach people suspended in their harnesses after falls. Time is of the essence during fall events as suspension trauma can set in quickly. Suspension trauma occurs after a person hangs in a harness waiting for rescue while leg straps cut off circulation. Blood can then become trapped in the legs and build lactic acid. This can overwhelm kidneys, liver, and even result in heart failure.
  • Mobile fall-protection carts provide a versatile anchor point while working on elevated flat surfaces. The carts easily wheel into place and allow up to three employees to be simultaneously secured for fall-arrest protection.

As the well-being of our people is a key driver in our safety efforts, participating in National Safety Stand-Down Week helps Findorff become a better builder. We are very grateful to those that help make Findorff’s sites safer, especially our field staff that withstands all seasons to build our communities.

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