Yehle Executive of the Year Message

Investing in People, Partners, and Community in 2022

I would like to extend my best wishes to Findorff clients, partners, employees, and the community as 2022 begins to take shape. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic and the challenges ahead of us, I am incredibly excited for the future and remain optimistic. I would like to share a few wishes for the new year.

As I look forward to 2022, I am particularly focused on three things that I believe will help us all succeed.

Continue a culture of innovation

  • Whether developing new technologies, bringing new and productive ideas forward, or building on what was started in 2021, innovation is key within the construction industry.

Commit to extraordinary talent

  • Findorff is committed to attracting and retaining top-tier employees who add value to the company, our projects, and the community. It is an incredible opportunity to continue to cultivate the professional growth of those who choose this company to share their talents.

Be kind, be good, and be positive

  • Take care of yourself, each other, and your community. My hope is that we continue to support and uplift each other. A positive attitude at work, at home, and in the community matters. Last year I saw firsthand how strong relationships and resiliency helped carry many of us forward professionally and personally. Whether through exercise, meditation, or personal stress-relieving habits, we must take care of our mental health and physical health.

In 2022 we look forward to working with our clients and industry partners to contribute to healthcare, education, student housing, corporate, science & technology, and other transformative industries through new state-of-the-art spaces. Together we will continue to change the landscape of the communities we work and live in.

Wishing you good health and success,


Jim Yehle is the President & CEO of Findorff and In Business 2022 Executive of the Year. Read more about Jim here.

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