National Hospital Week 2023

In celebrating National Hospital Week, Findorff offers our appreciation and respect for the incredible work that healthcare professionals do every day while caring for patients.


Today, most of the world is getting back to normal after the crisis of the last few years. Healthcare's idea of normal is continued management of the "routine everyday" crises. Due to the economic headwinds you are facing, along with staffing challenges and reimbursement pressures, your everyday continues to navigate new and long-existing obstacles. Our communities are fortunate that the healthcare industry is well-practiced in rising to the occasion.


With all this to think about, we work hard to make sure your facility needs are always met for your organization. Every day, we apply our values of character, community, and craftsmanship to help create and maintain thoughtful environments for you to care for your community. 


Certainly, each week, but this week in particular, Findorff would like to recognize and honor the ongoing efforts and work of our dedicated hospital staff and caregivers, as well as all the workers that keep our healthcare system strong during these demanding times.


To learn more about Findorff’s hospital work, check out our Healthcare Experience. For information to work with Findorff on healthcare opportunities, please reach out to Jeff Eckstein, AIA.

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