The Healing Heart of Healthcare

Blog written by Findorff Senior Advisor Tim Prince, MHA, FACHE

In celebrating National Hospital Week, we at Findorff offer our appreciation and respect for the incredible work that health care professionals do every day in caring for patients. It takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, teamwork, dedication, and commitment for hospital and health care staff to bring their expertise to bear on moments of compassion. Those actions truly make a profound difference in the experience of and impact on patients.

Designing and constructing health care facilities takes a lot of coordination, planning, and technical expertise too. To keep these facilities running smoothly is even more complex. Yet, while hospitals are intricate facilities with complicated systems, they also must be comfortable for patients in times of uncertainty, as well as supportive and efficient for caregivers. And complicating it all is declining reimbursement, increasing regulation demands, advances in technology, and escalating costs. Finding balance among these forces, while also bringing a focus and compassion to patient experience, is an incredible challenge. We hope that our small part in creating effective environments give all staff the foundational support they need: whether it is never giving a second thought to the fact that the lighting works as needed, having a sound, sustainable infrastructure that can be effectively maintained, appreciating the craftsmanship in the clinical care spaces, or getting that extra boost from a comforting space of respite.

Every day, we apply our values of character, community, and craftsmanship to help create caring environments. And while we respect the great work that goes on inside those facilities every day, during hospital week we take one moment to specifically honor and thank all our past, current and future clients for what you do. To all our clients, thank you for the opportunity to help you help others.

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