thinking green everyday

Thinking Green Every Day

Each summer, Findorff takes the opportunity to reflect on our core values. This month, we recognize the value of character and how it plays a role in our company. Specifically, it is in our nature to think green every day. Findorff has a long history of honoring the natural environment along with the people who depend on it. We understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to sustainability not only during construction, but also for the many generations after. Looking at construction through this lens is one way we are helping make a lasting impact.

For example, we are helping build Wisconsin's first net-zero school. A net-zero building uses a combination of energy-efficient systems and on-site-energy generation to create at least as much energy as it consumes. This sustainable approach will be used by the Oregon School District for its new elementary school, which will open in 2020.While this project is currently under construction, Findorff has been actively reducing our environmental footprint for decades. We look to minimize waste, reuse and recycle materials, manage air quality and erosion control, and use responsibly sourced materials. We also utilize thermal imaging technology paired with our drones. This validates energy-efficient buildings as well as ensures high indoor-air quality and positive occupant-health outcomes.

Through such efforts, we roll up our sleeves to take care of our community, make a difference, and focus on the next generation. That’s what our character is all about.

Stay tuned next month as we highlight another one of our core values, community.

Pictured above: Gabrielle, soon to attend kindergarten, plants a tree near the construction site of Oregon School District’s new elementary school.

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