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Lakefront Brewery Facilities

About the Project

For over a decade, Findorff has proudly partnered with Lakefront Brewery, a renowned name in the craft beer industry. This valued collaboration has seen Findorff providing a wide array of preconstruction and construction services, ranging from minor repairs to large-scale industrial improvements and artistic installations.

Among our notable collaborations with Lakefront Brewery is the installation of ten fermentation tanks and two brite tanks, a project requiring meticulous planning and execution. Despite challenges posed by the existing building's constraints and the bustling location on Commerce Street, Findorff's team, led by Ironworker Foreman Victor Anderson, worked closely with Lakefront Brewery personnel to ensure the seamless integration of these essential components.

Additionally, Findorff assisted in the rigging and installation of a bottling line aimed at upgrading technology and enhancing production capacity. This project underscores our commitment to innovation and dedication to supporting our client's growth and success.

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